Mali Blues, Traveling to an African beat
by Lieve Joris, 1998
Book Description
Chronicles of Mauritania, Mali and Senegal in the midst of upheaval and transition observed during the author’s trek from the capital to the remote village of Nema.


Singing Away the Hunger, Auto­biography of an African Woman
by Mpho ‘M’atsepo Nthunya, 1996
Book Description
A gripping memoir of youth in Basutoland, schooling in South Africa, coping with racism and 30 years as domestic servant.


First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria, How a Peace Corps Poster Boy Won My Heart & a Third World Adventure Changed My Life
by Eve Brown-Waite, 2009
Book Description
A humorous and moving account of PCV in Ecuador in late 1980s.


A Promise in Haiti
by Mark Curnutte, 2011
Book Description
A reporter chronicles the devastating poverty and havoc of earthquakes and hurricanes, and his involvement in people’s struggles and triumphs.


From Harvey River, A Memoir of My Mother and Her Island
by Lorna Goodison, 2007
Book Description
Poet & daughter of a prominent Jamaican family contrasts her idyllic child­hood with the “hard life” in Kingston after her marriage.


Bright Lights, No City
by Max Alexander, 2012
Book Description
A humorous, insightful and inspiring narrative of adventures and misadventures while running an enterprise to provide battery-operated equipment to remote villages.

The Gambia

Our Grandmothers’ Drums
by Mark Hudson, 1991
Book Description
British journalist/critic describes his involvement in local life and rituals during 14 months spent in the Gambian village of Keneba.


Pacific Rims
by Rafe Bartholomew, 2010
Book Description
Fulbright scholar/basketball fanatic tells of his time in-country and the history of the Philippines’ unlikely love affair with basketball.


Sacred Horses, The Memoirs of a Turkmen Cowboy
by Jonathan Maslow, 1994
Book Description
Natu­ralist/filmmaker, Maslow, profiles the dedication of owners/breeders and their struggles to preserve the fabled, once endangered Akhal-Teke horses.


God Sleeps in Rwanda, A Journey of Transformation
by J. Sebarenzi, 2009
Book Description
Memoir of politician/diplomat, describes the horror of 1990’s massacres and how he turned bitterness and hatred to forgiveness and compassion.


Oracle Bones
by Peter Hessler, 2006
Book Description
Profile of a nation with an ancient traditional culture in the midst of a breathtaking transformation into a dynamic, modern society.


The River’s Tale
by Edward Gargan, 2002
Book Description
In a legendary trip down the Mekong, a NYT correspondent profiles Cambodia, once a very troubled and impoverished nation, now grappling with technology and on-rushing modernity.


The Eighth Continent, Life, Death, and Discovery in the Lost World of Madagascar
by Peter Tyson, 2000
Book Description
A rare view into one of the most diverse and fascinating places on earth.