In Southern Africa, predominately flat to gently tableland; Kalahari Desert in southwest. 600,370 km2 (slightly < TX). 7% arable.

Capital Gaborone (138,000)
Population 1.8M (3.1/km2)
Life expectancy 50 years
HIV/AIDS 37.3%
Literacy 81%
Lang(s) Setswana (78%), Kalanga (8%), Sekgalagadi (3%), English (2%, official), other (9%)
Religions Christian (72%), Badimo (6%), other (1%)
Ethnic Groups Tswana (or Setswana – 79%), Kalanga (11%), Basarwa (3%), other, including Kgalagadi and white (7%)
Gov’t Parliamentary republic
GDP/cap $15,800
PCVs 1966-1997, 2003-present; education, health, small business, environment, agriculture, urban development (Volunteers in country: 76; TTD: 1,976)
Nat’l holiday Day (Botswana Day) 30 September (1966)

Focus word for 2010 - “Justice”

Setswana: teka tekano (taykaa taykano)


Botswana Time
by Will Randall
Book Description
Both an endearing personal story and a travel book about a little-known but highly successful country.

Kids' Books

Honey, Honey—Lion!: a story from Africa
by Brett, Jan
New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, c2005.
1 v. (unpaged) : col. ill. ; 24 x 29 cm.

African animals and landscapes take center stage in this lively retelling of a traditional folktale from Botswana. Honeyguide (a small bird) leads Badger to a honeycomb, which he breaks open with his strong claws for both of them to share. One day, for unknown reasons, Badger does not share, and Honeyguide angrily plots revenge. Shield-shaped vignettes (decorated in feathers and beads) within Brett's signature borders show other animals (including elephants, hippos, warthogs and bishop birds) responding to this news as Honeyguide leads Badger ("pitter patter," "splish splash," etc.) to-surprise!-a lion hiding behind a lift-the-flap acacia bush. Lion chases Badger back to his burrow with sound effects repeating at an accelerated pace. The tale concludes with the animals passing the moral of the story to one another via "bush telegraph": "If Honeyguide leads you to a beehive, be sure and reward her, or next time, she will lead you to a lion." The cumulative patterns, sound effects and suspense, together with the dramatically depicted animals, will make this a popular choice for reading aloud. Ages 4 to 7.
© 2005 Kirkus Reviews/VNU eMedia, Inc. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.


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