Suceava, Romania

While driving through the green hills and misty valleys near Suceava, the gateway to the painted monasteries of Bucovina, we stopped to enjoy a particularly beautiful view. As we rested, a man and his young dog approached us from a nearby farm. We didn’t speak Romanian and the farmer didn’t speak English but we played with his dog, and much enjoyed our encounter. From his farewell, it appeared he enjoyed his time with us as well.
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Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Ukraine. Central Transylvanian Basin, Eastern Carpathian Mountains, Transylvanian Alps in south. 238,391 km2 (slightly < OR), 39% arable.

Capital Bucharest (1.9M)

Population 21.8M (91.6/km/km2)

Life expectancy 74 years


Literacy 97%

Lang(s) Romanian (OFFICIAL) 91%, Hungarian 7%, Romany (Gypsy) 1%, other 1%

Religions Eastern Orthodox 87%, Protestant 8%, Roman Catholic 5%, Muslim and other <1%

Ethnic Groups Romanian 90%, Hungarian 7%, Roma 3%, other <1%

Gov’t Republic

GDP/cap $12,300

PCVs 1991-2012 (phasing out); community economic development; environmental management and education; institutional development; teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). VOLUNTEERS-IN-COUNTRY 78; TOTAL VOLUNTEERS-TO-DATE 1,174.

Nat’l holiday Unification Day (of Romania and Transylvania), 1 December (1918)

indigenous design from Romania

Stag design from clay plate.
Copyright © Julie Olsen

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Focus word for 2012 - "Friendship"

Romanian (OFFICIAL): Prietenie (pria-ta-nia)
Hungarian: Barátság (bah-rrraht-shag)


Video grams of a Revolution (Videogramme einer Revolution), Harun Farocki, Andrei Ujica (1992)


by Lucian Boia
Book Description
In this well documented volume, published in 2001, Boia, a prominent Romanian writer and history professor at the University of Bucharest, offers an extensive look at the history and culture of Romania, as well as prospects for the political future of his native land.

Kids' Books

The Voices Of Silence
by Bel Mooney
Publisher: New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers, c1997
ISBN-10: 0-440-22758-5
180 pages
Ages 10-14