Jamhuriya Muungano wa Tanzania
In eastern Africa; plains along coast; central plateau; highlands in north, south 947,300 km2 (slightly > 2xCA), 4% arable.

Capital Dar es Salaam (pop est. 3.2M)
Population 41M (43.3/km2)
Life expectancy 52 years
HIV/AIDS >6.2%
Literacy 69%
Lang(s) Kiswahili (official), English (official), Arabic (widely spoken in Zanzibar), many local languages
Religions Mainland: Christian 30%, Indigenous beliefs 30%, Muslim 35% Zanzibar: More than 99% Muslim
Ethnic Groups Mainland: African 99%, other 1% Zanzibar: Arab, African, mixed Arabic & African
Gov’t Republic
GDP/cap $1,400
PCVs 1962-1969; 1979 – present; education, environment, HIV AIDS awareness (Volunteers in country: 171; total to date: 2,202)
Nat’l holiday Union Day (Tanganyika and Zanzibar) 26 April (1964)

Focus word for 2011 - "Celebration"

Kiswahli or Swahili: Sherehe (shay-ray-hay)


Tanzania in Pictures
by Bev Pritchett
Book Description
An overview of Tanzania's geography and history, along with an exploration of the political, economic, and cultural landscape of this east coast African nation.

Kids' Books

Elizabeti's school
by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen; illustrated by Christy Hale.
New York: Lee & Low Books, 2002.
Ages 4 to 7.


Ras Nas
Music from Tanzania


Nico’s Challenge (Steve Audette, 2009)


Mchicha/Curried Spinach and Peanut Butter
Ugali/Tanzanian staple
Tanzanian Pineapple Squash Drink